Activator reports

**29/06/2019 BEL 001 005 006 by OT4V/P

After my first attempt to activate this (a forgotten power cable prevented me from activating) I did a second attempt from the harbor  of Blankenberge. And again Murphy joined me, a broken PL plug urged me to do an “emergency repair”. I was lucky like a little child when I checked the SWR, the repair is really not one to be proud on hi. Made 79 QSOs with rather poor to very poor conditions. From 40m on and lower I hade a S8 to S9 QRM level from “something” in the harbor.


**02/06/2019 BEL 027 by ON9BD/LS


**14/04/2019 BEL 048 by ON5SWA/P

Beautiful sunday morning. After activating ONFF-0405 headed towards
BEL 048, lightship Mayflower. Since the big parking near the Mayflower
was to busy with busses and tourists, I decided to activate from the
other side of the water. JO11OE.

The Mayflower had many names and owners. Build in 1883 and after many years
serving as a lightschip, it is now a restaurant on the water. You
can find her just south of the city Brugge.

More info:

73 ON5SWA/P Swa


**05/04/2019  BEL 026 Westhinder I by ON5SWA/p & OS10WCA/p

Two call signs were used, ON5SWA/P and OS10WCA/P.

Friday the 5th May I decided to activate from
a nice place along the border of the river Schelde.
Activation took place in the line of sight from BEL-026.
The lightschip Westhinder I was stationed just across the

The Westhinder I was build in 1950 and after many tasks
along the Belgian coast it was replaced by electronic lightplatforms.
Now its a multifunctional maritim visitorscentre.

More info:

Activation refs: BEL 026, ON-00354 (WCA), OV-022 (BCA) and ONFF-0260 (WWFF)

73 ON5SWA Swa (François)


** 23/03/2019 BEL 027  Westhinder III Antwerp by OT4V/P

Lightship BEL 027 Westhinder III is at the moment in the dry dock for maintenance. Location north of Antwerp city. Some heavy QRM on some frequencies but managed to work 77 QSOs. And had a very warm and welcome visit from ON6EF, Eddy. He activated this lightship on several occasions with the ON9BD clubcall of ON4OSA.

** 19/09/2018 BEL 008 BEL 047  Knokke-Heist by ON5SWA/P

Activation WWFF refs for many years, we (Danny OT4V and me) decided to make a trip to the Belgian coast to activate WWFF and LH refs.
In the morning I started in a nice place a the feet of LH BEL 047, with BEL 008 also in my line of sight.
BEL 047 is an old lighttower, build between 1905 and 1907 with a height of 34m. Together with BEL-008, a small lighttower, wich was constructed the same year, they provided a guidance line of light for many years (until begin 20th century). They are out of order now but restored an part of our maritim heritage. Later on I moved tot two different WWFF refs from were I could only see BEL 008.


** 19/09/2018 BEL 003 BEL 046  Zeebrugge by OT4V/p

Part two of the North Sea Rush. Lightship Westhinder II (BEL 003) is part of a maritime museum. You can visit this ship by paying the entrance fee for the museum. On the other hand, BEL 046 is counting the last days …. this small lighthouse (one of the first in Zeebrugge) is in a very bad shape. Even the empty metal bottles with the gas for burning the light are still in!


** 19/09/2018 BEL 015 BEL 016 BEL 040 Zeebrugge by OT4V/p

Our North Sea Rush mainly was for activating lighthoused for the BLHA award. This 3 lighthouses are in the port area of Zeebrugge, unfortunatly forbidden to enter for ham-operators. The Port-Police friendly reminded me of this (hi). Fortunatly there is a viewpoint from where you have a line of sight with this 3 ones … this was also my place of operation.


** 09/09/2018 BEL 027 Westhinder III by ON9BD/LS


** 11/07/2018 BEL 008 Heist Low by OT4V/p


** 11/07/2018 BEL 047 Heist High by OT4V/p


** 06/2018 BEL 027 Westhinder III by ON9BD/LS


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